OE Boys Varsity Soccer Heads into Districts


Jollee Swender and Jollee Swender

WIth the season coming to an end, the boys Varsity Soccer team currently has a record of 8 wins, 2 ties, and 1 loss under their belt. As the conference comes to a close, the Marauders are getting ready for Districts Thursday, October 15th. 

When talking to the Varsity Head Coach, Justin Fluharty, he had a lot to say on how his season went. The first question asked was how he thought the season was. He responded with, “The season went really good in spite of all the challenges we faced. We were not even sure we were going to have a season.” The next question he was asked was, “Do you have any non-conference games coming up?” and he said that the boys had Districts Thursday and that he was pretty confident for the first game, but the other games might be a little bit of a fight. 

The third question had to do with how Covid-19 has impacted the boy’s season. He replied almost instantly with, “I will make a list, MASKS, MASKS, MASKS. It is not fun to practice or play with masks. Traveling to games has changed, half time snacks have changed, and just practice in general has changed to keep everyone in our community safe. We get to play so I cannot complain too much.” So all in all, this season has been hard on the team, but he was very grateful to have a season. Another question he answered was, “How is your team this year?” He answered that he had twelve returning players and five newcomers this year, which seems like a lot but many players, dual sport which makes a big difference for games and practices. Despite the challenges, the team is very motivated and ready for a challenge.                                                                                                   

                 The next set of questions were about how Fluharty was feeling, as the coach. He was asked,” Did you enjoy coaching?” Fluharty responded with, “I have been coaching for many years. I do enjoy it. I like the relationships I build with the players and the comradery you get from being on the team.”  Another question he answered was what he felt was the best part about coaching. He responded enthusiastically with, “The players are my favorite part of coaching. I always seem to laugh at practice because of something someone says or does. It is the team that keeps me coming back.” For the last question, which was, “How do you juggle coaching and teaching,” he responded that there’s a lot of late nights and working on weekends but once the season is over it goes back to normal a little bit.