Virtual Students Set to Protest Online Work



This Tuesday, Oct. 20th, Ovid Elsie high school senior Bailey Mayville plans on holding a peaceful protest outside of the school in the students parking lot, from 7:45am to 2:45pm to protest against virtual learning. She as well as a lot of other virtual learners are failing one or more classes in the high school. About 200 of the 500 students in Ovid Elsie High School are failing one class or more. The protest is being put into place because Bailey as well as many other students feel as if they aren’t being taught and are left googling all of the answers for their assignments. Fox WILX TV out of Lansing actually interviewed Bailey and her mother and put it on the news. Bailey and her mother both agreed that it is very difficult trying to do online learning when the students only get one day out of the week to ask their teachers questions. This is leading into conflict though. Many of the face to face students say that the teachers are open to questions all of the time and all the virtual kids have to do is shoot their teachers a quick email. The face to face learners say their teachers are trying as hard as they can in order to keep their students passing. The face to face students see the hard work and stress it takes in order to do that. This is new to everyone so yes it will take time to get used to. Many face to face students totally disagree with Bailey and how she wants to protest. Many of the face to face learners say that the virtual learners have the choice to come to school, and they chose to stay home  knowing that there wasn’t going to be a teacher right next to them. 

Noah Fahey, a face to face learning senior from Ovid Elsie High School responded to Bailey’s email that she sent to the whole entire class of 2021 with this, “ ATTENTIONMy name is Noah Fahey, I have been attending Ovid Elsie since I was in kindergarten.

And this protest has gone TOO FAR!!I will be holding a protest against the protesters on the same day! October 20th. feel free to protest against the protesters with me, by making peaceful signs and standing outside of the school in the parking lot with me.  I know that most of the staff wants school to go back to normal too! this isn’t their fault! This is by far the easiest year of school I’ve ever had, and I’m taking AP and college classes.  and the Ovid Elsie staff is always more than willing to help anyone in need.  If you are truly upset about school being online and would like to make a difference then protest at the capital, this is not the schools fault!!” said Fayeh.

Many will agree either side. Fahey has stated that the news crews have contacted him but we have no further details. Once again Tuesday Oct. 20th will be the “protest against the protesters” that will start at 7:45am and end at 2:45 pm. Masks are required and Bailey stated that she wants everyone to bring a lawn chair and sit in each parking spot in order to maintain social distancing. She also wants students to bring a sack lunch because food may be provided but she’s unsure on how much. Hopefully this protest stays peaceful and both of the protest groups get their point across.