Student Council Offers Leadership Experiences


Jollee Swender and Jollee Swender

This week, we interviewed the leader for the Student Council, Skyler Spitzley. Spitzley is a senior this year, and this is her last year on the council before graduating. She has been on the council since the beginning of her highschool career and she has some great answers on how her experiences have been. 

She was first asked, “What has been your favorite part about being on the council?” She responded that she loved the council because of two reasons. One being, the thrill of getting ready for Homecoming Week or Holiday Week. The other reason being that she loves being part of the background work. She loves working with people to come up with some great ideas that everyone will love. The second question that was brought to her attention was, “How is everyone doing on the council?” She said that, “Everyone on Council is doing great. We have a good group of students who want to help and aren’t afraid to speak up for what they think the student body wants. The chemistry between the members is great too. They all get along and work well with each other. We do have a lot of participation. All members are willing to help out by making posters or voicing their opinions on what they think/know the student body wants.” Another question that she answered was about her perspective being the leader of the Student Council. She responded talking about how everything was a little different this year. We haven’t had a traditional meeting yet but she is trying to stay on top of it and make everyone feel happy and organized. 

Another question brought up, “How has the council helped you figure out your future plans?” She explained that she figured out that she wanted to go into biomedical engineering and to hopefully get into Michigan Tech. She said that the council has taught her leadership skills and how to be a better person. She has gained confidence over the years and has learned to push herself for what she wants. Lastly, she was asked, “How has your experience changed on the council?” She responded positively with, “This is my 4th year on the High School Council. At the beginning of my freshman year, I was nervous and shy about everything. I rather hang out in the background and do the work that I was supposed to do. Three years later, I have learned to step out of my comfort zone and be willing to speak up. I look back to freshman year and compare it to now and I have seen a person who has gained confidence and is willing to take on a project, no matter how big.” 

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