Halloween: What Are Your Traditions?



Today we interviewed two Ovid-Elsie high school students, Clay Wittenberg and Olivia Burt, to see what their traditions and plans are for Halloween this year. Many high school students start to not like trick or treating anymore, but most have traditions that they celebrate with their families. Halloween this year is different from previous years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some cities are shutting down trick or treating this year and won’t allow people to participate because of cross contamination. 

 When I interviewed sophomore Clay Wittenberg I asked him what his plans were for Halloween this year and he responded with, “ nothing really, probably going to go hunting.” I then asked him if he and his family have any halloween traditions and he said “not really we just got some donuts and cider from Uncle Johns cider mill.”. I then asked sophomore Olivia Burt the same questions. When asked what her plans were for Halloween she responded, “ nothing  thought Halloween was canceled this year because of covid.”. When I asked her what her and her families traditions were she said, “ me and my family always go to Uncle Johns to get cider and donuts. We also go to my grandparents for family dinner on Halloween.” 

Hopefully the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t stop kids around the world from having fun on october 31st. People around the St. Johns area of Michigan still got to enjoy their family traditions by going to Uncle Johns and get donuts and cider as a family.