How Does the Pandemic Affect Halloween

Madison Larson and Madison Larson

A recent survey conducted showed that Halloween would be celebrated differently this

year. On Sept25th, “1,505 people in the state of Minnesota were asked how the

pandemic would affect Halloween for them. Out of every participant, 31.65% of people were

unsure if COVID-19 would affect the way they celebrate this year. Other responses such as yes,received 39.85% and 28.5% answered no. Due to the spread of the virus, trick or treating will look differently than it has previous years. Instead of children running door to door collecting

candy, the CDC does not recommend trick or treating this year. If you are participating in the

Halloween tradition, you must follow the guidelines. When asked about wearing a mask, 1 in 3

adults said they would wear a protective mask. About 9.19% said they would be wearing one, but under their costume. While 26.57% of the participants were unsure if they will be wearing one.