Student Council Food Drive in Planning Stages

Jollee Swender and Jollee Swender

After coming back for another week at school, in person, with a possibility of another coronavirus outbreak, it was time to see the plans for the high school’’s Student Council. Abigail Hills, a junior this year, talked about what the council has been coming up with. 

The first question that was brought up, “Does the council have anything coming up for our school?” She said that they were trying to have the annual Canned Food Drive, which would be scheduled for sometime in December but they aren’t positive it will happen, with Covid taking over again. She then went on and talked about Class Officers. Class Officers are voted in on Nov 16th. The meeting for the new officers would cover the next President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. 

She was then asked how this year has affected the council and her, personally. She responded,”Student Council has been able to adapt well considering the events that have taken place this school year so far, and we plan to continue adapting to the changes that we will undoubtedly face. We have had to make some changes, like excluding the usual Homecoming dance and normal food fundraisers, but we were still able to have a Hollywood themed Homecoming celebration. Personally, this year has impacted me like none other. I’ve had almost no consistency and everything has been all over the place, including my home life, family, friends, and school. I would definitely say that it’s been more negative than positive, but most of this year’s occurrences have been out of my control. All I know is that I’m trying the best I can, and that’s all I can do.” 

The next question asked, “How do you juggle school and Student Council?” She answered saying,”Sometimes it’s harder to juggle Student Council and school one week, and then the next it’s a piece of cake. It just depends on what we’re currently working on. Homecoming, for example, is a difficult time to keep up with both since there’s so much going on, so much brain power being used, and we may be missing class time or even lunch time depending on how you contribute. Personally I choose to get my schoolwork done before Student Council agendas unless there’s a sooner due date for StuCo things, mainly because academics are my top priority. Student Council definitely has to be up there though if you’re committing yourself to it.”

Lastly, she was asked how the council has affected her these past couple of years that she has been on it. She said that it had its negatives and positives. It has been hard to get the right schedule but it really helps your leadership skills and time management skills.