Winter Sports On Hold, Due to Covid 19 Spread

Clay Wittenberg and Clay Wittenberg

On Nov. 15th, an announcement was made by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Public Health that due to COVID-19, winter sports along with high school playoffs for football have been postponed. All Michigan high schools were closed to face to face learning through Dec. 8th. With the sports being postponed all sports will continue to work out with at home workouts that have been sent through email to players. 

For OE high school basketball players, they have all received an email from varsity head coach Josh Latz for at home workouts to improve as an all around basketball player. With these workouts the varsity basketball team hopes to come back into the season strong and win another conference championship.

All of these sports will start back up again on Dec 8th including the Michigan highschool playoffs for football.