This Student Prefers Halloween To Christmas


Elizabeth Hofer and Elizabeth Hofer

Christmas is just around the corner as the long and exhausting year of 2020 comes to an end. In the U.S., Christmas remains at the top of the list for adults’ favorite holiday of the year and each adult spends at least over $500 per person on gifts. Many people prefer Christmas whether it’s for bringing people together, giving and receiving gifts, cooking or baking, or a tradition in their family. Halloween, however, has quite the opposite feeling. Halloween is about dressing up in a disguise and going door to door asking for candy. Just like Christmas, people decorate their homes inside and out for this holiday. During this holiday, people will watch scary movies, go to “haunted houses,”, throw costume parties, hangout with friends, collect candy, and so on. Christmas feels warm and fuzzy while Halloween feels chaotic and adventurous. 

I personally prefer Halloween over Christmas because I have a liking for horror movies and anything to do with horror. Christmas is also nice but I would prefer to dress up and just walk around areas with friends to collect candy than stay at home and do nothing but marvel at the new presents I was given.  Understandably, Halloween falls in third place just after Thanksgiving for U.S. adults’ favorite holiday. I have loved horror all of my life since I saw the movie Coraline (2009) when I was young. That was the movie that really boosted my love for everything to do with horror. Seeing everyone’s different costumes makes me feel happy and it also makes me have a sense of reality and that there are more people than I think in a neighborhood. Many of my friends love Halloween and we like to watch horror movies whenever we can.