Santa Clause 2, A Family Holiday Hit

Harley Dolloff and Harley Dolloff

The Santa Clause 2, Family/Comedy, was released Nov. 1st, 2002.

It stars actors: Tim Allen, Eric Lloyd, Wendy Crewson, David Krumholtz, Judge Reinhold, Peter Boyle, Paige Tamada, John Pasquin, Brian Reily, Mary Gross, Larry Brandenburg, Jayne Eastwood, Judith Scott

It was directed by director: Michael Lembeck.

The plot follows Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) has been in the role of Santa for the past eight years, and his loyal elves consider him the best one ever. But the world of the “Merry Old Soul” turns upside down when he’s dealt a double whammy of news: Not only has his son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd), landed on this year’s naughty list, but Scott discovers that he must marry by Christmas Eve — just a month away! — or he will stop being Santa Claus forever.

Rotten Tomatoes says:

“One good clause calls for another in this merry legal drama … I mean … Christmas yarn. Back in 1994, Scott Calvin stumbled on the “Santa Clause” and got himself rooked into becoming Santa when he put on the jolly elf’s coat. Now, after nearly a decade of successful Christmas making billions of children’s sugarplum dreams come true, his head elf helper confronts him with clause number two: Santa must find himself a wife. And he’s gotta do it before Christmas.”

After reading reviews and watching this movie myself several times, I believe it is a great holiday favorite to watch. I watch this movie every year following with the next one before and after. This movie is an eventful movie for the kids and parents to watch for a holiday hit. I think that this movie is made for all ages and anyone would enjoy watching it because it is rated for all ages.