Virtual Students Shift to Edmentum

Virtual Students Shift to Edmentum

Rylee Lewis and Rylee Lewis

Last week before Ovid-Elsie Area Schools were re-opened, high school students received an announcement saying that if they choose to stay online, they will no longer be enrolled through Ovid-Elsie Schools. Starting on the first day of second semester, Jan. 25th, online students will be using a program called Edmentum. The students who choose to go to school face to face will still continue to do so with Ovid Elsie High School teachers. 

Edmentum is a program designed to deliver educational services through an online platform. There are synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities throughout each week. There are live teachers for each class who are available throughout the week via virtual conferencing to help students if they are struggling with a concept and to provide tutoring services. 

Macey Ehman, the Ovid-Elsie High School counselor, recently attended a meeting to get the most recent information on Edmentum. She says, β€œ This program is efficacious and has helped many students achieve their educational goals–whether they are a student who has struggled academically or excelled academically. Edmentum has options for every student!”

Teachers of Ovid-Elsie believe this program will be more effective than the teachers at school trying to learn how to teach online. This program has been established as an online program, meaning its content is geared toward that format, and their teachers have received extensive training for providing content online. This will create less stress for teachers and they can focus more on the students that are coming to school. 

Other schools have experience with Edmentum as well. Ehman states, β€œIt is my understanding that Edmentum was chosen because other school districts have used this program with much success.” 

The teachers have said that students returning face to face at Ovid-Elsie are going to try to use more traditional ways once again.