Next Gen Displays Emotion

Next Gen Displays Emotion

My first impressions for Next Gen were pretty good especially with the story having a lot of emotion throughout the whole movie.  

As for the review itself, the storytelling throughout the whole movie was planned out really well making sure that you feel like you are in that situation along with them and the humor was quite funny as well.  The cast for this movie was good with actors like John Krasinski, David Cross, and Charlyne Yi along with the director of the movie, Kevin R. Adams. They gave a brilliant performance that really shocked me in a very good way.

The story takes place in a town called Grainland where sentient robot technology is everywhere.  A teenage girl named Mai lives in this town along with her mother and deals with a lot of struggles like bullying and people who really don’t listen to you.  She stumbles into a lab one day and finds an attack robot named 7723 and accidentally takes it home with her.  When Justin Pin launched some new Q-Bots to the public, he never told them that they were secretly designed to explode.  When the robots start to attack the humans that live in Grainland, Mai and 7723 must work together to take down the robots and save the town.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, they gave this movie a rating of 80% which makes it a good movie in their opinion.  One of the critics for this movie said, “The PG rating is pushed so it may not be for small children but overall I enjoyed it.”

My personal rating for this movie is a 9.5/10.  Some things that I liked about the movie were that the emotion was really deep and it really made you feel certain things for the characters like happiness and anger.  Some things that I did not like about the movie was that it had some characters that were a bit annoying to listen to. 

My recommendation for this movie would be to give it a watch, especially if you really like an emotional story with a bit of action.