Shrek the Musical Taking Shape

Shrek the Musical Taking Shape

Brooke Ladiski and Brooke Ladiski

Parts for Shrek the Musical have been handed out! Everyone has received a part in the Ovid-Elsie High School production of Shrek the Musical. Just like the movie Shrek, you have Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, etc. Sophomore Matthew Whitaker got the part of Shrek, Sophomore Anthony Vanderlip received the part of Donkey, and Senior Brooke Ladiski is Princess Fiona. Of course, there are many other parts that people have gotten, but these are the main three. Everyone has memorized the songs and will be starting the choreography starting next week. They are expected to memorize their lines on their own time so the class can move along together and focus on the singing and dancing. 

Vanderlip says, “I am excited about my part, but the most nerve wracking part of the show for me is memorizing lines and the singing and dancing. Especially since I have a whole song that I sing pretty much alone.”

Everyone was given their parts at the beginning of this month and are working on getting into character since most everyone knows of the movie Shrek. Knowing the movie and show in general helps the actors/actresses understand what the characters are like and really get into the personalities of them. 

Ladiski says, “I believe that it really helps to listen to the way the characters in the show talk and act to channel their inner character.”

The musical is scheduled to debut on April 11th and 12th. There is a live streaming option so you can watch the show at home, but people will still need to purchase tickets for either option they choose.