Supernatural a Classic Mystery Show

Supernatural a Classic Mystery Show

The television show Supernatural  is a classic mystery show that features two brothers Dean(Jensen Ackles) and Samuel (Jared Padsleki) Winchester, who hunt demons, angels, ghosts, monsters and other supernatural beings. The show first aired on Sept 13, 2005 and continued on for 15 seasons which ended in November of 2020. The executive producers of Supernatural are David Nutter, Epic Kripke, Phillip Sgriccia, Robert Signer, Sera Gamble, Jermy Carver, and Kim Manners. 

This show is about Dean and Sam Winchester traveling the country going on hunts to stop monsters, as they run into extra drama throughout the seasons. As they travel the country in their classic 1967 Chevy Impala, the fans will meet some new characters such as Castiel( Misha Collins), Bobby (Jim Beaver), John( Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and many other characters. The show is no stranger to killing off characters and sometimes bringing them back, bringing fans to tears but sometimes relief as they come back. 

The website Rotten Tomatoes gives this show a 93% for average tomatometer, and the website Metacritic gives a 60% rating. Overall, everyone enjoys the show and the suspense it brings. 

A quote from Metacritic says, “ Supernatural is an amazing series with heart, humor, brotherly bonds, innovative ideas and some episodes that can scare the hooey out of you.” 

The show Supernatural is a great mystery show that is very thrilling that I definitely recommend to anyone who is into suspenseful shows. I personally would give the show a 11/10. I grew up watching the show each year waiting for the season to come out on DVD , watching with my older sister, creating a bond and something that we could be interested in together, with having an age gap. Each character has a different personality that people can fall in love with and they really create a dramatic atmosphere.