Yes Day Mainly for Kids

Yes Day Mainly for Kids

Olivia Burt and Olivia Burt

The movie Yes Day came out March 12th 2021 and it  is a great choice for a family movie night. Yes Day is a comedy movie for younger viewers. Yes Day is now available on Netflix. 

Yes Day  is about parents that feel like they are always saying NO to their kids and even Co-workers, Allison and Carlos then decide to give their three kids a “Yes” day.  For 24, hours all three kids can make the rules. Little did they know that their kids’ rules would take them on an adventure of a lifetime, around Los Angeles, but this adventure brings the family closer to each other than ever before. 

Rotten Tomatoes gave these movies a 6.5 out of 10. I would recommend this movie if you have younger siblings.  I would give this movie about the same rating, it was a funny but unrealistic movie, it’s meant for young audiences. 

The actors and actresses in this movie are Jennifer Garner (Allison Torres), Edgar Ramirez (Carlos Torres), Jenna Ortega (Katie Torres), Julian Lerner (Nando Torres), Everly Carganilla (Ellie Torres).  The director and producer of this movie is Miguel Arteta, Ben Everard, Jennifer Garner, Lawrence Grey, Nicole King, and Daniel Rappaport.