Marksman Plot Too Common


Aiden Lutz and Aiden Lutz

The Marksman is a movie that doesn’t feel like it’s own movie. With it’s Rotten Tomatoes scoring of 36% we can see why. The Marksman has many and we mean many correlations with a much more popular film titled “Logan’‘ in which a elderly man encounters a child of Mexican descent and his or her caretaker after some sort of incident the child’s caretaker passes away and the older male (Logan) has to take the child on a cross country road trip to get the child to the last of their family and at the end the older male dies after a vicious fight with the main antagonist. Now everything that was just explained also happened in The Marksman, a film that was made four years after “Logan” was made. And so we believe that even with Liam Neeson’s excellent performance this is a movie that you could have seen four years ago as the plot is identical. With the direction of Robert Lorenz and the leading actor Liam Neeson we give this movie a score of 4/10.