Disney Releases Raya and the Last Dragon


Zane Baiz and Zane Baiz

The movie Raya and the Last Dragon is a family film, fantasy animation which features Raya (Voiced by Kelly Marie Tran) and the last dragon Sisu (Voiced by Awkwafina) who both journey together and try to put the dragon stone back together in order to stop the Druun. Released on March 5, 2021, in the U.S. Walt. Disney is the creator and distributor of the film Raya and the Last Dragon, with the executive produces being Peter Del Vecho and Osnat Shurer.

This film is about a young girl named Raya who travels all over the fantasy world of Kumandra to find the last dragon known as Sisu. Hoping that Sisu has the power to stop the Druun from turning everyone into stone. After finding Sisu, Raya comes to the conclusion that they will need the remaining pieces of the dragon stone in order to stop the Druun. While searching the other kingdoms for dragon stone pieces they meet other people like Boun (Voiced by Izac Wang), Little Noi (Voiced by Thalia Tran), and Tong (Voiced by Benedict Wong) who have had their family turned to stone by the Druun, and want to get them back.

According to the rotten tomato website, Raya has scored a 94% on the Tomatometer. While according to the Metacritic website, Raya and the Last Dragon has been rated generally favorable with a 75%. Overall, feedback for the movie has been pretty positive and overall liked.

A quote from Metacritic says, “The film is crammed with so much transportation spectacle and visual invention, it feels spic even in a living-room size.”

The movie Raya and the Last Dragon is a great animation film with its unexpected turns in the plot and polished animation style. I personally give this animation an 8/10 due to the fact that small parts of the movie don’t add up. One is example is why the dragons didn’t originally come back the first time the dragon stone was used. Overall the movie is great and I would recommend this film for families with small children.