Superman & Lois Showing on the CW


This New CW show Superman & Lois is a new tv show in the Arrowverse released on Feb 23rd, 2021. It follows Clark Kent aka Superman(Tyler Hoechlin) living double lives as a father and a superhero., Living double lives when his two sons Jordan and Jonathon Kent (Alex Garfin) ( Jordan Elsass) dont know he’s a hero at all. While being a hero all around the world his wife Lois Lane( Elizabeth Tulloch) is trying to find the truth as a big time journalist.

After moving him and his family Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) to Smallville Kansas, from Metropolis after his mother Martha Kent’s death to save his family farm he revealed to his sons his true identity Kal-El of Krypton or as the people of earth know as Superman. Soon after their arrival, a mysterious villain known as Captain Luthor ( Wolé Parks) tries to take Superman down because he thinks he knows who he is. 

The tv shows average Rrotten Ttomatoes score is 62% on the average audience score. The website Mmetacritic gives it a 64% review. With more positive reviews then mixed or negatives. 

A quote from Metacritic says,”  I was not expecting a good show as I have not liked the CW shows; however, I loved the pilot episode of Superman and Lois. “ 

The tv show Superman & Lois is a great new addition to the CW tv show lineup. It is action packed and brings excitement to the DC shows. I personally recommend this and give it a 9/10 and a must watch. You don’t even need to watch the other Arrowverse shows to understand and is great rendition to the classic DC character.