Shrek Musical: Best in 30 Years!


Shrek the Musical is all wrapped up. The drama class had their last show on Saturday, April 1st. Everything ran like it was supposed to and the students did great! They got a lot of positive feedback about it and what they did was historic. This show was the first musical to be done at Ovid Elsie High School in 30 years. Even with all the obstacles they had to face and Covid-19 protocols to follow, they were able to pull it off. Drama and Choir teacher Mandy Bashore is so proud of her students and is so glad that they were able to put the show on for everyone to enjoy.

“I’m just sitting here reflecting on how much it took to have such a positive experience this weekend. One last time….I could not be prouder of you guys!”

Bashore and the students would like to thank Grand Rapids Civic Theater for letting them use their wonderful costumes to really bring the show to life, and Susan Casler and Jessi Ladiski for letting them use some props that they had at the United Church of Ovid. It took a team to pull the show together and there was a great turn out for all shows.

Senior Brooke Ladiski who played Fiona says, “I am so glad that I got to be a part of this show for my last year in high school. I will miss the whole experience and everyone that was involved.”

This was a great ending to a school year full of uncertainty and negativity. The students loved working together to make the show come to life. The main characters were played by Matthew Whitaker (Shrek), Anthony Vanderlip (Donkey), Allison Reppenhagen (Gingerbreadman), Connor Davis (Lord Farquaad), and many others. The whole process started about three months ago and we practiced every day that we had drama class. The week before and week of the show we had two to three hour long practices to learn how to move set and do everything that needed to be done. There were improvements to the lights during this process as well so the lights weren’t as hot and they were able to change the colors of the lights to go with the show. Other improvements would be that they were able to live stream the show with the new camera system. The class made most of the props such as the trees, Bashore’s husband made the big things like the tower and barn, and the props that were borrowed were previously made at the United Church of Ovid.