Varsity Football Defeats Montrose 16-6

Austin Darling, Staff writer

Friday, September 14th, the Ovid-Elsie Marauders triumphed over the Montrose Rams in

a 16-6 varsity football matchup. This game came with great anticipation as the Marauders had won by one point in a 23-22 matchup at Mark O’Donnel field. The Marauders were desperate to have a repeat victory, and the Rams were hoping to make up for last year.

Leading offensively for the Marauders was Jamison Custer and Logan Thompson. Custer had 11 attempts carrying the ball, for a total of 74 yards and one touchdown. Thompson had 14 attempts for 74 yards and a touchdown as well. Additionally, France exchange student Julian Mortier went 1/1 on field goal attempts, as well as 1/1 on extra points for a total of four points scored for Ovid-Elsie.

Defensively, the Marauders did not give the Rams much wiggle room. Clay Wittenberg had five solo tackles, seven assisted tackles, and three tackles for loss. In a key moment during the game, Thompson was able to gain an interception to seal the victory.

This week the Ovid-Elsie Marauders are home to face off against Edsel Ford, a large school from Detroit. A victory over Edsel Ford would mean a greater chance at playoffs for the Marauders as they would garner sixty playoff points.