Top Gun Maverick, A Gem of a Movie

Carly Johnson, Staff writer

May 27th of 2022 the movie Top Gun Maverick was released theatrically to Paramount pictures in the U.S. In this movie Tom Cruise plays the main role as a pilot and teaches an “impossible” mission to some of the past graduates of the academy. He also faces some people from the past and has to overcome some personal things. Now usually sequels/remakes are never as great as the first original one but this movie is mind blowing and most definitely lives up to the expectations. Top Gun Maverick is all about the action and the adrenaline, but it’s also emotional and that’s what makes it a great movie. It’s got a nice balance of blood racing, heart pumping action but it’ll also make you cry. Let’s not forget the visual masterpiece this movie is. Joseph Kosinski is the director of this movie and for his fourth ever full length feature film it was outstanding. When I watched this movie it felt like I was in the cockpit of the jet, or when things started to get emotional I would feel the same way as the characters are portrayed. It felt real. There isn’t anything I’d critique or change this movie is an absolute gem and was very well made. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a rating of 8.2 out of 10.