Zombies 3, A Phenomenal Movie

Lillian Bates, Staff writer

Zombies 3 is a phenomenal movie that was released this year. After a boom in popularity from the previous two movies, viewers had high expectations for this rated G movie. On July 15,  viewers of all ages were not disappointed with the new release.

The movie begins with seniors, Addison and Zed, finally happy in their hometown, Seabrook, because monsters and humans had finally learned to live in harmony. Zed is on the brink of earning a football scholarship and is excited to be the first zombie to attend college with Addison by his side. When Addison opens the “international cheer-off” for team admissions, Seabrook is shocked when a group of aliens shows up to compete. After some suspicious occurrences, Seabrook citizens begin to wonder if friendly competition is really all the aliens are there for.

This movie is directed by Paul Hoen and contains many returning actors and actresses. Actress Meg Donnelly, who plays Addison, plays a huge role in this movie, as well as her co-star, Milo Manheim, who plays Zed. This movie scored a 75% on the Tomatometer, and I highly agree with the score. Not only is this movie great for younger children, but it is also a laid-back, funny movie for teenagers and adults to enjoy. Overall, this movie is intended for a younger audience, and it has a really good meaning about how all different types of people can unite. I personally rate this movie an 8/10 and I highly recommend you give it a watch.