The Office Finds New Audience on Netflix

Faith Blacker, Staff writer

The Office is a great show that has been on Netflix for a long time. It originally came out on March 24, 2005, but in more recent years has been coming back into popularity. The Office is rated PG-13. It isn’t the most kid-friendly show to watch, however, many people enjoy the sitcom and find it amusing.  


The show begins off with the main characters talking. First is Jim, also known as John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight. Another one of the main characters is Michel, who is played by Steve Carrel. The show transitions into their everyday adventures in the office, and is set up like a reality show. Michel is the boss and the rest are his employees at a paper supply company. Jim and Dwight constantly prank each other and don’t really get along but are there when they need each other. (Jim was asked to be the best man at Dwight’s wedding). As the show progresses, you watch the characters grow and become friends with each other. 


This show is directed by several of the celebrities who played on the show. On the Tomatometer, it scored 81%, so it’s safe to say that many people find the show funny and enjoy watching it. I highly recommend this show. It will always be a comfort show of mine and something that can make basically anyone laugh, and just overall boost your mood.