Ween Music Not Taken Seriously

Larz Ostrander, Staff writer

Ween is an interesting band to say the least. Known for switching genres drastically
between almost every song, Ween is a somewhat difficult band to get into if you are not in on
the joke. They are definitely not known for taking themselves too seriously. Quebec is their 8th
studio album, which I believe is their strongest set of songs.
Inevitably, there are gonna be some Ween songs that you will not care for, considering
every song fits a different genre. Aaron Freeman, more commonly known as Gene Ween, will
go as far as to put silly effects on his vocals, or even sing in an accent sometimes. Despite the
group’s expansive sense of humor and lack of seriousness in their music, they are actually
genuinely very talented musicians. A standout song on this album when it comes to musicality is
the track Transdermal Celebration, showcasing Mickey Melchiondo or Dean Ween’s guitar
ability on the solo. The song is about a bad encounter with drugs, transdermal meaning a drug
taken through a patch on the arm. The song makes you feel like you’re in a really fast car with
an aggressive driver.
Next, another standout song is Happy Colored Marbles. This song, from what I have
gathered, is about anti-depressants. Most Ween songs are silly at face value, like with this song
and the effects deepening Gene’s voice in the verses and heightening it in the chorus. However,
if you look at some of the lyrics of some songs, they can be about serious topics.
Although, the humor layered on serious topics can make it hard to decipher what the
songs are about most of the time. Their humor can also make for some mediocre songs from
time to time. Like on this album, an example of this is the song So Many People in the
Neighborhood. Songs like this are kinda funny in practice, but don’t make songs that would
actually be able to be enjoyed as a serious song.
All in all, I give this album a 7/10. This album’s high points are very high and exciting,
however, its shortcomings fall in the silly songs that are only there as gags.