Jade Buffet; Good Choice in St. Johns

Carly Johnson

Jade Buffet in Saint Johns Michigan is a wonderful restaurant that I enjoy eating at. The food is amazing and always fresh, the people who wait on me are always kind, and it’s just a clean and nice place that I feel more than comfortable dining in. To begin with, this restaurant is a buffet so you can eat as much as you’d like. You can go in and sit down, take out, or even call and order off of their menu. Not only do they have different options for eating but their food is amazing. There is so much to select from and always something new to try when I go there. The food is also fresh and hot; you can watch chiefs come out and put more food out and take the old food back to be taken care of. Secondly, the servers are always polite. I have never had a worker be rude to me nor deny a request I have. They are quick and efficient. My drink is always on the table when I come back with my plate of food. I’m never waiting on them. Lastly, the restaurant is clean and picked up. The servers are cleaning all the time and picking up after their customers, when I’m done with a plate my server will come by and pick it up so it doesn’t have to be in the way or put aside. You can see the workers sweeping from time to time and watch them carry around rags and wipe down tables that need it. There are led lights strung throughout the restaurant along with some cultural art hanging along the walls. It’s a welcoming restaurant because of the food, service, and the cleanliness. It’s always my first choice when I’m out. I 100% recommend going to Jade Buffet in Saint Johns Michigan so you can try it for yourself!