Central Intelligence Shows Chemistry of Hart and Johnson


Alyze Ladiski, Staff writer

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, Central Intelligence, a movie that came out in 2016, has the two friends once again, Dwayne
Johnson and Kevin Hart, acting in another movie together that shows their amazing chemistry. Bullied as a teen for being overweight,
Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson) shows up to his high school reunion looking fit and muscular. While there, he finds Calvin Joyner
(Kevin Hart), an accountant who misses his glory days as a popular athlete. Stone is now a lethal CIA agent who needs Calvin’s
accountant skills to help him save the compromised U.S. spy satellite system. Together, the former classmates encounter shootouts
and double-crosses while trying to prevent worldwide chaos. Rotten Tomatometer rated this a 71% with top critics stating, “Kevin Hart
and Dwayne Johnson make for well-matched comic foils, helping Central Intelligence overcome a script that coasts on their
considerable chemistry.” I would have to agree with them because I think that when Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are put on
screen together it makes for a hilarious movie. I would recommend this movie 10/10 because it’s not only funny but also has some
action in it too plus seeing the two friends act together is always entertaining.