Hide and Seek Has interesting Twist

Hide and Seek Has interesting Twist

Kevin Ley, Staff writer

Hide and Seek is a 2005 movie about a family of three a dad, mom, and daughter when the mom tragically commits suicide. So Dave, the dad, takes his daughter away from the terrible memories an hour away to a summer house to try and get through what happened.

After a couple of days of living in the new house, strange things start to happen, such as the daughter, Emily befriends an imaginary person named Charlie. During this time Dave starts to record notes to himself about what is happening in the new house and write in a journal about what is going on. Then really strange things start to happen, Dave wakes up at 2:05 every night and finds awful things that are happening, such as Charlie having killed their cat and left it in the bathtub. 

These events start getting worse and worse to the point where there was a dead woman found in the bathtub where Emily said that the killer was Charlie but Emily could not tell Dave exactly who Charlie was. Upon the death of this woman, Dave starts getting a sinking feeling that something was terribly wrong. 

All of a sudden Dave is hit with a wave of memories where he finds the boxes of stuff that he thought he opened for recording were unopened. He then learned that he had a split personality disorder and that he was Charlie. He had killed the lady and he was responsible for his wife’s death. When he remembers all of these horrible things that happened, his other personality took over and started trying to harm Emily. 

Emily had contacted a friend from New York an hour before the realization dawned on Dave. Katherine showed up right as Charlie was about to kill Emily when Katherine shoots him saving Emily. 

My Rating: I give this movie a 7/10 because I am not a huge fan of movies that are on the scary side and this movie definitely was. This movie is great for people who like horror movies with unseen twists. 

Tomato Meter: 12%

Director: John Polson

Actors: Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning, Amy Irving, Molly Grant Kallins, and Elisabeth