Home Animated Film Hold Strong Appeal

Natalie Stoneman, Staff writer

The movie Home is an animated movie starring the voices of Jim Parsons as one of the aliens named Oh, Rihanna as Tip, and Jennifer Lopez and Lucy, Tip’s mom. These people are just the leading voices there are many others. The movie was released in 2015, directed by Tim Johnson, and produced by DreamWorks Animation.

 The movie is about aliens that invade Earth because they are running from a monster that they call the Gorge. While invading Earth they move the citizens into a designated area so they can move into the cities. During this process Tip and her mother Lucy get separated. This lead to a strong hatred towards the aliens, so when Tip and Oh cross paths it is not an ideal situation. While processing Tip realizes that it would be easier to get to her mother if she let Oh help her. Although Oh has other motives. He is trying to run away because he is a felon in the eyes of the other aliens. Eventually, they join forces and go through many adventures and obstacles to get to Lucy. 

On the Rotten Tomatoes Tomato meter, it was given a 52% and the audience gave it a 64%. I would give this move a 6/10. It is not the kind of movie that you would watch over and over, but it is something that you can put on for background noise and still be interested in the silly conversations that they have.