Steelers Draft Jones and Porter for Next Season

Kevin Torrey II, Staff writer

April 27th through the 29th was the NFL Draft. There were a lot of shocking picks, and some teams drafted better than others. The team that was graded very high with their picks was the Pittsburgh Steelers. They originally had the 17th pick in the first round, but they made a trade that would send them up to pick 14. They sent the New England Patriots the 17th overall pick and the 120th overall pick for the 14th. With the trade-up, the Steelers drafted Offensive Tackle Broderick Jones out of Georgia. Jones has been arguably the best tackle in college football the past 2 years, so the Steelers definitely made a good move here. With their second-round pick, they drafted one of the top-rated corners in the draft Joey Porter Jr. out of Penn State. Porter Jr. has been lockdown for Penn State the past year. The Steelers drafted very well in this year’s NFL Draft, and it makes the future of them seem much brighter.