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Freshmen Need Time Management Skills, Say Teachers

You know, when you think of how you felt during high school, along with how you believe you did, along with what you think you could have done better. You usually think past how you started as a freshman, new to a high school setting. Young people usually look past freshman year and just go straight to where they usually are in the middle of their high school year, Sophomore/Junior year. With all that is fun during those years in the middle of high school, but your very start in high school usually entails you starting as a freshmen, even though some of us may think of the idea as absurd. However, we were all freshmen once and so, I’ve asked seven freshmen teachers of Ovid Elsie High School to explain how they feel about new freshmen, along with other questions entailing how they feel ever since the start of their jobs teaching freshmen.

The first question I asked the Ovid Elsie High School freshmen teachers was, “What do you feel is different about this generation then the other generations of freshmen in the past, and if you would like, please describe in some detail how the students changed?” Some of the teacher’s responses entailed that the freshmen are less concerned with academics than in the past. This could possibly go along with how another freshmen teacher explained how they thought that the more advanced technology has been both good and bad for freshmen by telling how it could cause more peer pressure in students along with stress.  With how some teachers responded on how they seem to see the freshmen having a harder time thinking they can easily pass thanks to the Corona virus incident in 2020. Most of the teachers seem to feel like freshmen may be declining in education more so because of the way they relied on just getting passed along in life.

Our next question we asked our teachers was “What was it like the first time you got into the job as a teacher? Was it challenging, or was it something that you felt was rather simple?” With a lot of the responses that we gathered entailing how teaching at first was a challenge to them, however, some say teaching came naturally to them. Then after a while they all seem to have gradually gotten used to the way they feel about teaching, along with how they deal with their students.

The third question we asked the teachers entailed the future freshmen, “What should the future freshmen look out for in your class, or maybe, what should they try to avoid doing when they get into your class?” When asked, teachers seem to be most certain that freshmen need to work on what they are assigned and also to tay and be present getting to class, along with some teachers saying that the future freshmen should try and not fall behind in work so they are able to succeed easier as different years come in, along with the closer they are to senior year. The main key the teachers have explained is that freshmen need to be able to have time management skills in order to succeed in high school.

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For our fourth question we have asked, entailing some info on how they feel about teaching now then back then when they first got the job as a freshmen teacher, with us asking, “How do you feel about teaching freshmen now then back then when you first got the job?” Most of the teachers seem to have an equilibrium mindset, in saying that they feel more versed in teaching than back then and they’ve gotten quite used to it. Including some that want to help students to have great lives after high school.

Our final question that we asked our freshmen teachers is “What else do you think should be done before freshmen go into high school, and what should they prepare for doing in high school as freshmen?” As we ask this question, the teachers seem to have a common mind set in where if the freshmen want to graduate on time then they would need to get their credits in as they wont be passed around from grade to grade for free like in middle school, but instead they should work on getting all their grads the best they can in freshman year as thats the start of every freshman’s GPA. Some teachers even explained how students learn not only academics in high school but they also learn life skills so it’s more so the freshmen need to work hard in order to earn where they want to go, instead of just being brought there.

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