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Godzilla X Kong New Empire, Total Waste of Time and Pure Garbage

So I recently went to the theatre to watch Godzilla X Kong: New Empire. Not my first
choice for sure but, everyone else wanted to see it and I was mostly there for the popcorn. This is
obviously the latest godzilla movie to be released, and I went into it blind. I have never seen any
other godzilla movies so at first I was kind of confused.
This movie follows kind of a weird story line that you should probably get context for
before you watch it. It seemed like there were these mythical creatures hidden all over earth for
different reasons and to protect different things. There was also this thing called deep earth, or
center earth? In deep earth are different realms of existence where other creatures live, it is where
Kong is from. There is this little girl from an extinct tribe who is mute? I guess she has some
special connection with Kong. She was getting visions that her adoptive mother was getting
worried about. There was something wrong in deep earth, and the little girl convinced her mom
to let her come find the problem so this little crew hops on like a spaceship thing and enters deep
On the other hand Godzilla was woken up and now he wants to become really powerful
and consume the worlds biggest power supply. I’m still not even sure how the Kong storyline and
the Godzilla storyline are linked. Kong goes on a whole adventure through deep earth and gets a
baby kong and fights a bunch of creatures. The humans find the source of the little girls’ visions
and it turns out her tribe is not extinct but the remainder of them live in deep earth and were
sending out a distress signal. I honestly can’t even remember what was wrong but they
summoned a giant moth guy and there was a big fight scene with Kong and Godzilla and this ice
dragon thing and this other giant monkey and the moth guy? I’m sorry this movie is so weird. In
the end everything is chill and Godzilla goes back to sleep and the humans are safe and Kong is
This movie was so bad I regret watching it and spending money on it.
It was a completely weird idea that was not executed well. Don’t remember any of the characters names,
they were so forgettable and bland. I didn’t understand the objective or any of the goals? The
comedy in the movie was cringe. I have nothing good to say about this movie other than the CGI,
all the scenes were pretty and looked real but every other thing about this movie was complete
and utter garbage. Total waste of 2 hours of my life. 2/10 movie.

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