Review: Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Beta

Staff and Staff

Dice’s Beta for the upcoming game Battlefield 4 is a good insight into how the gameplay for the actual game will be. Though it has some bugs, it is still a very well put together beta.

The beta for the game was only multiplayer, but most gamers who play first person shooters aren’t interested in the story/campaign anyways. The beta included the map “Siege of Shanghai,” which pits the Peoples Liberation Army of China against the U.S Marines.

The beta featured four playable classes, all of which were recycled from Battlefield 3. The classes were “Support, Engineer, Assault, and Recon”. All of the classes were easy to play as as long as you could be proficient with them.

The map on the beta was not as large as most maps in the Battlefield series, but it is just a beta. This map will be featured in the final game along with several other more expansive maps.

The full destructibility of the map was a great asset to the gameplay from having a mere wall blown apart by a tank, or having an entire skyscraper collapse in the middle of the battle. The one thing I didn’t enjoy about the destructibility was if you were still atop the skyscraper when it’s going down, you don’t have much time to jump off before you are killed instantly. But if you are able to jump off the side of the building before it goes down then you are able to smoothly parachute to the ground and/or water all while still firing at enemies.

The vehicles that were available in the beta were the basic vehicles that are always available, the tank, jeep, and attack helicopter. Facing an enemy vehicle is about the same as facing one in any other Battlefield game, you don’t. If you try you will lose.

The weapons available to each class were basic yet effective to make me excited to use the other weapons that will be in the final game. All the classes weapons were well placed as in what the classes would do on the battlefield.
So overall, I thought the beta for Battlefield 4 was a nice look into how the final game will play.


Photo courtesy of Google.