East Lansing Schools End Halloween Celebration

East Lansing Schools End Halloween Celebration

Jessica Goodrich and Jessica Goodrich

 East Lansing Public Schools sent an email to the students’ parents about not allowing elementary students wearing their Halloween costumes to school and sharing Valentines cards on Valentine’s day this year due to appropriateness and cultural inclusivity. 

The email sent out continued to discuss the idea that children may not wear their costumes this year to celebrate Hhalloween because some religious students do not celebrate this holiday and do not participate. The main reason is the inclusivity that they want to celebrate and not make students feel left out and not a part of something that their culture or beliefs do not celebrate.  

The letter to the parents wrote, “The celebration of Halloween and Valentine’s Day are two traditions that have given us pause for some time, especially as we grow in our understanding of equity and inclusion and look closely at the unintended consequences of celebrating these days in school. The ELPS has decided not to celebrate Halloween and Valentines day moving forward.”

The letter went on to say that Halloween costumes cause a distraction to the students and the teachers making the day one that the students have a hard time learning and the teachers have a hard time teaching. Also mentioning that the Valentines card exchange will not happen either because some parents do not feel comfortable celebrating a romantic holiday about love. 

The Grand Ledge Hayes Intermediate School has also put an end to these holiday celebrations, making East Lansing not the only ones to take this tradition away. Hayes said they would rather spend more time educating their students on cultural activities and making these days more inclusive. 

East Lansings mayor had come out to say that she supports the administration’s decision but to not worry because city events for Halloween will not be cancelled. 

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