Omicron Variant: Do We Worry?

Omicron Variant: Do We Worry?

Hayden Toribio

The new COVID-19 variant is something that has made big news recently. It has been named Omicron. Like the Delta variant, it comes from Greek and it is the fifteenth letter in their alphabet. This variant hit the world fast and not everything is known about it right now. But how people are taking this definitely needs to be talked about.

To start off, the amount of news and attention this new variant is giving is for the worse rather than the good. Sure having a lot of news coverage on it is fine and all but when it’s all the news talks about it can lead to problems. It can make people either really afraid or make them care less about the variant. This could lead to problems later if the variant is as bad as it was made out to be or if it’s not as dangerous as they have been saying.

If it turns out the variant is worse than the Delta variant then all the people who didn’t care about it when it was announced won’t care about it when it’s said to be dangerous. They will continue on with their life acting like it’s not a thing and maybe get themselves into problems that aren’t yet known and could take a while to cure or fix. This could lead to a nationwide risk which could shut down all the states.

Although, if it turns out to be harmless you’ll have people running around like crazy people warning people and doing things that aren’t necessary anymore. They would probably get others on their side which would make more people afraid and easily controllable if the government wants to get pushy with their power. The last thing anyone wants is a dictatorship happening.

All in all, having so much news covering what “could” happen with the new Omicron variant could have bad results no matter how bad the variant actually is. Having people not care about it anymore would lead to health risks and people caring too much could lead to panic and chaos. With how the news is going about this, there is no way a good outcome will be possible.

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