Russian Culture Evolves With Next Generation

Russian Culture Evolves With Next Generation


Very few people do not know about Russia, as it is in the first place in terms of area, among other countries. Despite this fact, the population is quite small, based on people per 1 km2. As a state, Russia is a Federation with a form of government: a mixed republican. 

There are many different climates and time zones on the territory, and over 190 different nationalities also live there. In winter in Russia, the temperature can really drop to -20 on average, in remote regions to -50. 

Also, to describe this country, it is important to mention the history and what has happened over the past 100 years, but we will focus only on some points that are important for understanding the mentality of people born and living in Russia. So, we come to the topic: Russia, as the people living in it. 

Often people in Western countries have a dissonance with reality when they begin to learn some facts that, unfortunately, are still part of modern Russia. One of these can be called the living conditions of pensioners and large families, salaries in such areas as medicine, education, as well as the service sector. 

On the streets in Russia it is difficult to meet a person who walks and smiles at passers-by. Distrust of each other has flourished since the Soviet era, when any wrong word could be sent to the GULAG, since the 90s, when there were more bandits in the country than civilians, distrust continues to flourish. All this continues to be fueled by the events of 2020, the aggravated situation in 2022. The famine of 2024. 

What is good in Russia? Nature. Attitude to each other, most people don’t care how you look, everyone is too busy with themselves and their problems. But the younger generation is very different from the older one, who grew up in the post-Soviet space. Here we can talk endlessly about psychological traumas and their consequences. But the main thing is the cardinal differences in thinking that make stereotypes about racism, militancy and hatred of everything that moves irrelevant.