Women React to Iranian Crackdown on Hijabs Leading to Death


Anae Moreau, Staff writer

Mahsa Asami, a young Iranian woman aged 22 has died Sept 13 2022.

Iran is a country in the west of Asia and it’s an extremist islamist Republic. Because of this

extremism, Iranians have a lot of restrictions and specially women, they have to wear a hijab

and their clothes have to go below their knees or they will get in trouble.

On Sept 10,2022 Mahsa Amini was with his brother in the Capital of Iran but the police

came because they said Mahsa wasn’t wearing her hijab in the right way. They took her with

and then three days after Mahsa was reported dead.

The “president” of Iran said that the policy didn’t touch Mahsa he said they just took her with

other women somewhere where they told them how to wear their hijab correctly but people think

and know that the police beat Mahsa to the coma and she died at the hospital three days after being arrested.

After this Iranians didn’t hide their displeasure and all over the country they started to protest on

the street.

In those protests, more than 75 people died,60 of them were protesters and the rest were part of the police.

In Iran women take off their hijab and burn them and people film them and post those videos on

the internet. Iranian influencers are a part of this fight for women’s rights but the government

said they will have a sanction if they support this.

Now it’s harder to get new videos or pictures of what’s happening in Iran because the government is trying to block the communication of Iranians and the rest of the world. But the

Gen Z tries to always find a new way to post on social media. They want to express how they feel, they want things to change; they just want freedom because they are human beings.

And the death of Mahsa Amini didn’t just change things in Iran, she just helped people to see

that they have to fight for their rights.

All around the world people are fighting showing their displeasure, on social media there’s

videos of women from different nationalities cutting their hair to show that they support Iranian


People are here to support them, in Canada people were in the street protesting for Iranians

and to show their empathie.

All of this is not a normal thing, it’s a real fight because we are human, we are ourselves and our

style helps to define who we are so no one should choose if we have to wear this or that.

Now we have to wait to see if in the future the government will change something but for sure the death of Mahsa Aimini changed people’s minds.

French news sources used to gather information for this article.