Hunting Season

Staff and Staff

Yes, it is that time of year again. Most of the hunters come out from a summer hibernation to the brisk autumn for the hunting season. As part of the human community, we need to eat in order to survive, so some go out into a shabby deer blind and hunt for their food. On the other hand, half of the population decides to be average and head to the supermarket. “It provides food for my family.” said junior, Sam Stringhum.

“I enjoy being one with nature,” said junior Brandon Meisel.  Underneath it all, there is a human trying to find a place in this world.

The perception of a hunter is far different than most. They enjoy becoming one with nature and seeking out a better version of themselves. But there is still the calm, collective side to the soul that screams to get out.

Personal  on weapons they use are between the gun- mainly rifle, shotgun, or muzzleloader- to the bow and its arrows. “I like using a bow because it takes skill and it is quiet.” said junior, Skyler Schroder.

Cloaking themselves in camouflage to the woods around them, they find where they belong, in the whispering trees and rustling leaves. After all the guts and the glory, a hunter can rest while they have food to eat and a sense of accomplishment in their heart.