Online Learning

Staff and Staff

There is a constant yearn for knowledge of technology. Human beings seek out wisdom out of  curiosity. In today’s world, online learning is more available to the student body from grades kindergarten to college. Some people believe it’s a good idea but others claim differently.

“Yes, I would take online class,” said Brienna Hickmott, a freshmen. Classes can be taken either synchronically or asynchronously. Synchronically is the class at a specific time and place, such as Skype or virtual chat rooms; while asynchronously is on your own time, for example blackboard and other social networking sites.

A staff member of the school district, Mrs. Kirby said, “ Online classes offer more flexibility in how, when, and where you approach your classwork. I think the level of difficulty of any online course depends on many factors such as the provider of the content (class), what level of course you are taking (AP versus Basics or Foundations), and the ease of use with the program that is delivering the lessons.”  She continued on with saying that self discipline would be part of the students’ rise and downfall in their online career.  One junior from the high school, Geneva Blooding said. “That it takes drive for the class to be effective for the student.”