Boys Cross Country

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Running two miles for warm-ups. Another five miles for practice. And another two miles for cool down. This is the standard/usual practice for Boys Cross-Country. But it was these practices that got some of our runners to states this year. Practicing every day at 3:30, these runners never seemed to stop.


What do you like about CC? The running? The team? “What I like most about cross country is the team.  It’s a good group of guys and girls, and I enjoy both running and spending time with them. The team is what makes the sport fun, if it weren’t for the people I probably wouldn’t be a runner. What I like about the sport itself is the endurance it takes to run long distance. Pushing yourself physically and mentally for three miles is tough, but coming across the finish line with a PR (new fastest time) is a great feeling.” said senior Gordon Johnson. Johnson went to states this year with some of the Cross Country team.


“My favorite part is running with the team, and I will continue running in the winter, as well as throughout high school.” said freshman Michael Yockey.
This is the Boys Cross Country.