My Favorite Essay

Staff and Staff

Softball Is played by a lot of people. Some people underestimate softball because it’s played by girls. They say things like you hit like a girl, your ball is soft, it’s bigger so it’s easier to hit. One thing I as a girl who plays softball can say is it’s just as hard as baseball. Softball is my favorite sport because it’s a team sport, I love the rush of playing the game, and I like to win.

When you play softball your team is your family and family has to get along. When family doesn’t get along you can’t win and no one likes to lose. You win as a team and lose as a team. when one girl has an attitude the rest of the team will suffer. I know first hand how a bad attitude affects a team. Some of the girls I played with this season had really bad attitudes and brought them on the field and our team really payed the price. We didn’t win a game the whole season because of a few girls who had a bad attitude and brought the team down. I loved my team and wouldn’t have asked for another. The girls I played with are the girls i’m going to continue to play with for the rest of my softball career. Win or lose you play as a team.

The rush that you get when you step on the field is the best thing in the world like you could do anything in the world like walk on water. I don’t know how to explain it any better than you feel untouchable. Win or lose the feeling of being on the field is the best part.

I hate to lose I’m a really competitive person and love to win. I learned that you can’t always win and I’m getting better at accepting when we lose, it still really bothers me when we lose. My softball team didn’t win a single game the whole season I didn’t get to play very much because about half way through I pulled my knee out of socket. I still went to every game and watched and that was the worst part. I hated watching me team get mercied every game and not being able to do anything about it. This year I hope to get invited to Varsity. I love softball it is my life I have played for 9 years now and I have played catcher every single year if I can make Varsity as a catcher I will take it but if I can’t make Varsity as catcher I will stay JV.

Some people think softball is easy and anyone can play it just because it’s played by girls. I love softball because, I’m a player who loves her team, I need the rush when you step on the field, and I crave the win. Softball is not just a sport to me it’s a way of life.