My Favorite Essay

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“Music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which it is impossible to be silent.” This is what Victor Hugo believes about music. However, music comes in all shapes and forms. And different artists sing about many types of topics, with many different genres. They all express their ideas in different ways of music. The band that I enjoy most, who I believe express themselves while sounding great, is Falling in Reverse. They’re my favorite band because I like their music and music genre, their songs are fun and relatable, and because my favorite artist is the lead singer of their group.

One of the reasons Falling in Reverse is my favorite band is because of their music genre or style. Their general style is pop/rock, but they do have some screamo songs, as well as rapping in some parts. In some of their songs, they even have different genres in one song. For example, in Rolling Stone it has both pop rock, dubstep, screamo, and rapping. They also have fast and fun songs, as well as slower songs. One more reason I enjoy their music is because of their lead guitarist, Jacky Vincent, because they have a very strong guitarist, and even some solos in a few of their songs. Although I like their overall music sound and style, the next reason why they’re my favorite band goes into more detail about the songs they write and why I enjoy them.

Another main reason why I enjoy Falling in Reverse is because of their songs and lyrics. They have a diversity of songs, about many different topics. Even in their three albums, most of the songs are not very similar, instead, they’re a variety of tempos, topics, and genres. One of their more fun, fast songs for example, is called I’m Not a Vampire. This song doesn’t have as relatable of lyrics as some, but it’s fun. However, a more relatable song of theirs is Brother, which is about family, which everybody has, and is a meaningful song to their lead singer. So no matter what mood you might be in, there’s always a song of theirs to listen to.

The last reason that they’re my favorite band is because of Falling in Reverse’s lead singer, Ronnie Radke. He’s my favorite overall musical artist, and even though he’s in the band Falling in Reverse, he also released a few solo albums of his own. I enjoy the genre of music that he performs, as I’ve mentioned earlier. I also enjoy all of his songs, even ones from the band he was previously in, called “Escape the Fate”. Also, like the band’s, I enjoy Ronnie’s genre/style. Which is mostly punk rock. I enjoy all of his music, especially the music he makes in Falling in Reverse.

As you can see, there’s many reasons that Falling in Reverse is my favorite band. Although many other bands have the same genre, Falling in Reverse has a better variety of songs, along with some more relatable ones. And, my favorite musical artist also is the lead singer. Although there’s many other reasons that I enjoy them, those are some major ones. Do you have a favorite band? And what are the reasons why?