LINKS Brings Students Together


What exactly is LINKS? Links helps people that need more help than others and also people that need some emotional support.

Students Kylee Hebler and Chloe Moore were asked why they chose to join LINKS.

When asked who helped her decide to join LINKS, Hebler said, “I told my mom about the class and she said that I should try it out.” However, Moore said, “college applications” helped her decide to join. The responses show that everyone joins for a different reason.

Hebler said she wanted to join LINKS, “because I want to go into an occupation that helps people with Down Syndrome.” Moore said, “I like working with kids and it looks good on college applications.”

LINKS is held at different times. Hebler said she attends in the afternoon.  “I have the class during 6th hour.” Moore said she has it during 7th hour.

Asked where she helps in the program, Hebler said she helps, “Tim with reading and figuring out what certain things mean.” Meanwhile Moore said,  “I help at the cafe and supervise cleaning and take the kids for reward time.”

Asked how they found out about the class, Hebler said that she had heard about it from other people she talked to. Moore said that her brother took the class and told her she should try it.

These are just some of the things that LINKS do. They help kids when they don’t understand things or when they need a friend as emotional support. Links are used for many different things.