Profile: Leif Wurschmidt

Profile: Leif Wurschmidt

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You see him every day in the Information Center, but how much do you really know about him? Many people know Leif Wurschmidt as the guy who tells students not to sit on the desks, but he is also the one that controls the morning stampede when the doors open.

Leif Wurschmidt
Leif Wurschmidt puts in some time responding to teachers’ technology concerns via e-mail. When he isn’t sitting at his computer, Wurschmidt is often watching over kids in the Information Center or running around the schools fixing computers. Photo by Leah Lupu

Along with controlling problems in the secondary schools, Wurschmidt travels to the elementary schools and helps with their technical problems. He has worked for Ovid-Elsie Area Schools for over ten years, but he was first hired as a computer technician.

Wurschmidt has other roles outside of the school. He has been a minister since 1983. Another job he holds is an instructor at Lansing Community College.

From 1986-87, Wurschmidt lived in Japan. The purpose of his stay was to study business. He learned how the Japanese made negative business situations into positive ones.

Several people do not know about how playful he can be. He can do numerous imitations of cartoon and television characters. Everyday, he has a humorous question of the day.

In his younger years, Wurschmidt was a member of the Navy. He even worked on seven prototype cars in Jurassic Park II: The Lost World.

There are many people around us in the world, and our first impressions of them can be deceiving. Although a person may seem to be stern while they are working, the events they do in their free time may be surprising.