Freshman Twins

Staff and Staff

There are many sets of twins in the freshman class. I chose to interview Kiernan and Karissa Seagers, which are a set of fraternal twin girls. I asked them multiple questions about what it was like being a twin. I asked them both separately a total of seven questions and they both answered them to the fullest of their capability. Twins have their own personalities as Kiernan and Karissa show us in the questions I have asked them. Twins don’t always have the same feelings toward life or questions.

I asked them how they liked being a twin and what they didn’t like about being a twin. Kiernan said to the first question, “I like having someone you can compare feelings to.” While Karissa answered by saying, “It is very different but is regular. It is like having a brother or sister with a higher title.” For the second question Kiernan answered “Having the stereotype that we are identical before people see us together, like just telling someone I am a twin “Oh, does she look like you?” Karissa responded “Having arguments on who is older.”

After that I asked them if they like sharing things and if they get along well. Kiernan said “Yes” to sharing things and “When we want to get along we can”. Karissa’s answers differed from Kiernan’s. She said “No” to sharing things and “No, it just depends on how we feel if we want to get along or not.”

Then I questioned them on my last three questions, do you always like having someone with you, do you have similar personality traits, and have you ever wished you weren’t a twin? Kiernan answered the first two questions by saying “Yes, it helps when you need a second opinion” and “No,but we both have positive attitudes.” Karissa said to the two questions “Yes, but it always end up in a fight/argument” and “Yes, we both love to read and eat!” The last question is when Kiernan and Karissa’s answers differed majorly. Kiernan replied by saying “Never, having a twin makes me too unique to not want to ever not have one.” Karissa said “Yes, on my 13th birthday, because we had to share parties.”
If you are a twin it doesn’t mean you act the same or live the same. From Kiernan and Karissa’s interviews you can tell that twins are not the same. You also know that even if you ask twins the same exact ┬áseven questions, you can get a totally different outcome. Twins have their own unique personalities.