Cheering for the Win

Staff and Staff

Sideline Cheer

No one does it better than sideline cheer to pump up the crowd and to cheer on the boys of fall. Their job is to get the MZone and parents off their feet and get them more involved in the game. They stunt and make locker signs for the football players throughout the year. Junior, Mallory Kora who is new to this years sideline varsity says her favorite thing about sideline cheer was being involved with her school and a team sport. Although cheering in the cold at the very end of the season wasn’t her favorite thing. Mallory states “In the beginning remembering each and every cheer was hard because you’re forced to learn them quickly, but once you do them over and over again they remain easy to remember.”

Shaila Heeney, a junior here at Ovid-Elsie says that her favorite part of cheerleading is cheering for the football team each and every friday night under the lights. Although she’s involved in a different winter sport, she says sideline helps you with the stunt groups and gets them in shape for the upcoming competitive cheerleading season. Just like many others she also dislikes they freezing cold weather along with the snow that may come in the last few games. Heeney states, “It’s not as hard for me to remember each cheer, it just takes time and patience to practice each and every one.”

Hollie Husted, a junior who does both sideline and competitive says sideline helps prepare us for competitive season because we find out who works best together, and also physically prepares us with conditioning. Hollies favorite part about sideline is cheering under the Friday night lights, and pumping up the crowd. She tells us “I would say that remembering the cheers is quite easy, mainly because i have been cheering for so many years.”

Madison Baese, as freshman it’s her first year cheering at a high school game, on a varsity team. She liked showing her school spirit, but disliked having to cheer in the rain. Baese states “sometimes remembering the cheers was hard, but for the most part it was easy.”

Lastly, Courtney Loynes, a junior says she loves showing her spirit towards the school. Courtney tells us “we get ready for competitive cheer by us all working together, and I believe that this upcoming year for competitive cheer we will be more successful if we all come together as a team.” Loynes also says that remembering each cheer is a breeze because they’ve been doing them for so many years their used to them.