Christmas Tree Lighting

Staff and Staff

Every year before Christmas, the festival court comes together and lights the town Christmas tree. The Elsie Dairy Festival court and the Ovid Carriage Days court help to light the Christmas trees in Ovid and Elsie. The annual tree lighting has been a running tradition in both towns for many years.

Junior Makenna Vincent won Elsie Dairy Festival Queen for 2014 and is going to be helping light the Christmas trees in Ovid and Elsie.

“Lighting the trees is really special to me because it’s such a small town and we’re all coming together to celebrate Christmas,” Vincent said. All of the court, from princess to queen, is helping in the ceremony.

Christmas has a lot of significance for many students.

“Christmas is special especially in small towns like this because we’re all coming together,” Vincent said. Everyone does something different for Christmas, whether it be with family or friends. “I like Christmas because I get to get together with my family and make lots of memories together,” said Vincent.

Christmas tree lighting is special because it helps to symbolize the start of Christmas in the towns. There’s just something special about seeing a beautiful, sparkling, tree lit up on Christmas morning.