Boys Tennis

Staff and Staff

Love. Advantage In. Advantage Out. Duece. These are all scoring terms used in tennis, some of these terms are better than others. A team doesn’t want to be Love-40, it means they have zero points and the opposing team has three. The server would prefer to say “advantage in,” rather than “advantage out,” because have the advantage means they are leading by one point.

“I decided to play tennis because it looked like a good sport and I had played a little of it before,” Johnnie Moore, a freshman, joined boys tennis this year. “I made friends with everybody on the team. I didn’t know anybody on the team when I first started. I enjoyed playing tennis very much. I’m definitely planning on playing next year.”

“I decided to play tennis because I like it and it is a good way to get exercise.” Kyle Welding, a junior, also played boys tennis this year. “Some of the friends I made on the team this year were Johnnie Moore, Cody Simons, and Stefano Cataldi. I enjoyed playing tennis very much, and I plan to continue playing tennis next  year as well.”