The Patriots stomp out the Bengals

Staff and Staff

The 3-0 Bengals traveled to New England to face a struggling Patriots team who gave up 3 interceptions and couldn’t get anything going in Kansas City. They had three turn overs and barley had any yards only managing a total  of 290 yards compared to the Chiefs 443. The Chiefs scored on seven of there eleven drives. The Patriots offensive line played terrible allowing 3 sacks.

A lot of flak was shot off after the Patriots lost the game 17-41 loss to the Chiefs, people where assuming the Patriots where done for the season and the great dynasty that Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck had created was over. The Patriots shut up all the naysayers when they came into the game Sunday. The Patriots came out played hard, angry and showed they weren’t out for the season and defiantly not against a undefeated Bengals team. There Opening drive was a ten play eighty yard rampage capped off with a one yard touchdown by Stevan Ridley. The Bengals could answer as the patriots piled on the points. The final score was 43-17 Patriots. The Patriots really showed what there made of and are looking like there old selfs again…I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the playoff this year.