Snow Sculpting

Staff and Staff

The snow sculpting team is one of the many ‘sports’ that is overlooked as a, well, sport. Many people would expect snow sculpting to be something people outside of school do as something fun. Ovid-Elsie High School has its very own Snow Sculpting group run by the Art teacher, Laura Weber. This sport/group is a very unique one that involves teamwork, tools, and snow. Speaking of snow, where does it all come from? Recently, there has been little to no snow, which is very rare for this time of the year, so what happens when there is no snow?

“They normally get the snow blocks from the parking lot,” said NAHS president Angie Phelps, “I don’t what we will do if we don’t get snow for our competitions.” When the team does their sculpting, they are competing against many schools all at the same time. The rules to the ‘game’ are: they are not allowed to use power tools, four people are allowed to sculpt at a time, and they have a coach, but the coach cannot participate in the event. In Ovid-Elsie’s case, the coach would be Laura Weber.

“Every year, there are only a couple of people that sign up for Snow Sculpting,” said Phelps, “They don’t know what they are missing.” Everyone that participates in snow sculpting finds it very fun. If you are considering doing snow sculpting, you should definitely go for it!