Emergency Volunteers

Staff and Staff

The main role of emergency volunteers is to help people. Whether it is a small job or a larger one, there are several types of roles that assist in helping the community. Most citizens, when asked what emergency volunteers do, said that they work in an ambulance or at a Hospital.

“There are actually several volunteer occupations, such as Fire, S.W.A.T., and working in an Ambulance,” 11th grade math teacher Karl Dahlke said. When working in an ambulance, there are four main and important jobs; MFR (Medical First Responder), EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), Specialists, and Medics. The lowest level of the job is MFR. Someone that has that job is more skilled than someone who just knows basic CPR. The roles keep advancing up until Medic. The Medic can hook people up to IV’s, monitor blood sugars and oxygen saturation. They can do much more than all of the other jobs because they are trained specifically for doing more advanced emergency medical care.

“There are limits to what each person does in their job,” said Dahlke, “They do their part, but they cannot take the place of a more advanced medical care such as a Medic.” For example, MFR’s (First Responders) can administer oxygen, but can’t monitor blood sugars and oxygen saturation like a Medic can. A Medic is at the top of the food chain in this cycle, and they take care of the critical situations that need more care. Also, since they have much more training than EMT’s, MFR’s, and specialists, Medics do whatever they can to take care of the injured. Emergency Volunteers help people, in many shapes and forms, and the world would not be a better place without them.