Pride as Power

Staff and Staff

“We believe that we will win! We believe that we will win!” OE students chant in unison, but while most are chanting, others are doubting. “The Ovid-Elsie football team has been to ford field once before, but can we do it again?” The question everyone was asking before the small school team qualified ,with a record of 6 wins and 3 losses, for the playoffs. “Small schools have big hearts,” most will say. Courage and pride run deep in the heart of these small schools and can produce a great atmosphere among the students. The level of pride taken away from making great achievements can be astounding and can do wonders to raise one’s confidence. Among the students, opinions were voiced, and while others stood in the background, one stood out.

“Compared to Frankenmuth, I honestly expected us to lose,” said Gavin Ramirez. While most people would’ve plainly stated that we should’ve won, this 15 year old young man decides the truth is acceptable. Although he bravely announces his thoughts, he keeps his confidence high saying “We have a good team and a good chance of seeing ford field again.” Ramirez is proud of his home team and hopes to see them travel this path again next season.